Just Imagine

I know he’s not leaving Cincy and I know that even if he
was, he’s always said he wouldn’t go to


. I know they have a lot of outfielders right now
and everyone’s talking about the Randy Johnson deal right now.  But imagine
if Ken Griffey Jr. went to the Yankees. I love Bernie, I do, but come on, if
you had to chose between Bernie’s production and Jr.’s and you take nostalgia
out of it, there is no way you’d pass on Jr. Imagine him in this Yankees
Lineup.  He’d be devastating. We could keep Bernie, His role would greatly
diminish. Heck, I’d like to see Matsui go. I’d like to see Melky be our
everyday leftfielder, Damon and Bobby could round out the outfield. Giambi
could play first, and DH. Griff could play DH and OF.
Imagine the moon shots that he would launch to that short porch. He played in
109 games last year and his HR production against RH was double what it was
against LH. He’d easily hit 40+ just at home if he were a Yankee. And unlike,
some of our current former Mariners now turned Yanks (read A-rod and RJ) I
think he’d be money in the post season. His smile would light up the New York
Media and champagne would fall from the heavens. At least, from the clubhouse ceiling
tiles again, and isn’t that what it is supposed to be about?

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