Random Thoughts on Gerry Davis, Oliver Perez and Baseball Being Like A Woman

Today was another good day for the Yanks, after a not so good oneGdavis yesterday for them and Gerry Davis. As an umpire, I just don’t see how he thinks that’s a good position to be in to make that call. Where’s the guy on third, how come he didn’t come down and get the call right? I mean that’s what it’s all supposed to be about right? Getting the right call? Mo giving up that home run is what cost them the game but still… Well, calls usually even themselves out.
I watched the Mets/Giants game last night (well most of it). Don’t a
Perezsk me why, because I’m not sure why, but I have always like Oliver Perez. I’d like to see him do really well in NY. I haven’t taken the time to see what the NY media is saying about him but that 5th inning was brutal and I don’t see how you can blame him. Those errors would kill anyone.  I did check my favorite Met blog but there was no update as of moments before posting this.

I’ve always said that baseball is like dating a beautiful woman. Treat her right (no errors) and she’ll treat you right. Make a few mistakes (errors, walks) and she’ll make you pay through the nose.  According to the evil empire that is ESPN, he has decent numbers this year. Oliver, I hope you have a great season.

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