Looking at the Yanks 09 Pitching and Management

In this post
we looked at the offensive lineup for the Yankees but as the last few
years have shown us, there’s much more to a whole season for a team.
Obviously, there is the pitching and management.  This is where the
Yankees have obviously made the most strides.  Sebathia, Burnett, Wang,
Chamberlain and ….? Well, that’s where it gets interesting. I’ve
already said that it’s time for Andy Pettitte to make peace with
reality and sign, but if he doesn’t? Well, there’s still the like of
Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy. What about Derek Lowe? I’m not talking
forever. I think Hughes will be big league ready this year but if he
isn’t Lowe would be an excellent short term fit. 

Yankees middle relief is the most interesting of their pitching to me.
Last year Girardi seemed to know how to use it to maximum effect but
was that a fluke. Was that just a misconception on my part?  Which
brings me to the next piece of this puzzle to consider, management. Is
Girardi the best guy to lead this team? The truth is I don’t know.  I
loved Girardi as a player and catcher’s often make great managers, but
he seems a little high strung for this team. I hope I’m wrong, but to
me, he is the second biggest wild card (behind Cano and Jorge).  What
kind of job will he do? My guess is that if the Yankees don’t get out
of the gate fast, we may see a new manager, or at the very least
Girardi will feel some real heat from ownership and fans alike. 

On the whole I think this team is the best team the Yankees have had in a few years and

Tommorrow: Why the Yanks should sign Milton Bradley and dump Hideki

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