Randy Winn, Really? Cash, this Move is Gonna Hurt

The Yankees have signed Randy Winn? Really? How does this help them? I know Cashman is probably as tired as I am of people griping about the fact that the Yankees are a successful business that can afford to spend money but this is ridiculous.

Randy Winn is not an improvement. At best, he is a lateral acquisition. Maybe Brett Gardner will have a break out season. But be honest, watching Brett’s futile base running in the post season was akin to watching one of those horrible TV shows where they show horrible things that have actually happened to people-you want to look away but you just can’t.

Winn’s number’s are adequate but he’s 35! He’s coming from the NL to the AL which is an almost guaranteed drop of 15% in the numbers department.

Does anyone really believe it was a fluke that Matt Holiday went from the NL to the AL and looked like a T-ball player at a College game then went back to the NL and regained his “dominance”? 

John Smoltz looked like a batting practice pitcher in a Red Sox uni (I enjoyed every minute of that) and went back to the NL and looked like Cy Young again?

Oh Cash, this move is gonna hurt.


  1. rike@duccielectrical.com

    Randy Winn…Nick Johnson= 7.5 Mil
    The 2 of these guys together can’t carry Damon’s shoes
    Are you kiddin’ me????????

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