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I’m going to Yankee Stadium

So, uh lost in my lack of posting (have a little faith…I’m coming back with some great ones and in a few weeks we’ll decide whether or not this is staying put) is the fact that I am going to Yankee Stadium to see the Yanks play the Red Sox next Monday night. I’ll miss Tuesday night b/c I’m auditioning for millionaire (which I hope to win and buy use the money to buy myself a job with said Yankees). Ok, well don’t lose faith, come back this later this week as we’ll explore different topics like:1. Is Andy Pettite done?
2. Why should the authors of Game of Shadows go to jail?
3. Is Randy Johnson really back?
4. Why Bud Selig could ultimately prove to be worse for baseball than steroids or any other controversy the “experts” at ESPN tell you about
5. Why Joe Miller is actually a good host for Baseball tonight.
That and so much more coming your way soon.

Opening Day Here I Come

Well, my tickets purchased, and I’m set to head off to Jacobs Field for Cleveland’s Home Opener. First Opening day type game for me. I know I can’t wear a Yanks hat (well, I probably could but out of respect to my brother in law I probably won’t, so maybe I’ll buy a Reds hat and wear that. Or maybe I’ll wear one of my minor league hats. We’ll just have to see. I’m very pumped. Thank the baseball gods for stubhub.com.  Ah, the season is here.Jacobsfield