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Worse Than Morgan and Miller

I know I pick on broadcasters a lot but I’ve actually found two guys who are worse than the M and M boys. I don’t know their names, but the guys who do the White Sox home games, are just awful. Complete homers. I was so tempted to mute the T.V. and listen to the radio.

White Sox and Marlins It Is

Well, I’m off to bed and it looks like 24 is safe for my Monday night viewing pleasure. Man, what an awful game. B.Y. Kim looked the same fellow that the Yanks hammered a few years ago. And when did John Miller go to the Tim McCarver school of broadcasting. What an awful broadcast. Joe Morgan did his usual blah job, but Miller has been simply terrible this entire tournament. I thought about turning off the sound and listening to the XM. Probably should have. Well, I’ve given up enough sleep to this. Here comes the rain delay. I’m off to bed. Wait! Do the camera guys really have to run with the Field Crew guys putting the tarp out? To Bed and sleep.

Baseball Is Like Good Sex

I am so sick of ESPN telling me how football is better than baseball. Recently I read Bob Costas’ book, Fair ball. I have to say, “it made me ill.” I realize it was written a number of years ago now, but he makes so many arguments that I believe have come to be proven wrong that I almost feel like I wasted my time reading it. One of the contentions he makes is that Baseball is no longer


‘s past time and he insinuates that baseball is to blame. In fact he says baseball is broke. Here’s my one word response: HOGWASH.

Now, don’t turn me off yet. I actually agree that there are probably more Americans watching football than baseball. Personally, I watch both. I agree that there is probably more Americans watching football. My point is that doesn’t make football better than baseball. I would submit that what attracts more people to football is not the mental side of the game. Don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not saying that there isn’t a mental side to the game of football; I am saying that most average football fans don’t understand it. To truly appreciate baseball you have to understand the mental side of the game or you’re done.
Most people, in my opinion watch football because they want to see someone get the snot kicked out of them. Baseball is art. Baseball brings more to the table. In short I believe that Football by and large is more popular in




is dumber than it was 50 years ago. Our standardized test scores would certainly seem to prove my point. I enjoy football, I love the Steelers. I can tell you every QB for them from Bradshaw to Ben. I’m not knocking football. I’m just saying that Costas’ book is flawed and the media mad dash to cry how the game is broken is wrong. Baseball is still a beautiful thing. Even if Barry’s cheating, which I believe he probably is, baseball brings things to the table that other sports don’t.
Let’s take my beloved Steelers for instance.   What’s their game plan? Get the lead, run the ball 5 million times.  In baseball what happens when you get the lead? You still have to give the other team a chance to score for however many outs they still have coming. There is no running the ball into the line and keeping it out of their hands. You actually have to give the ball to their offense and let them take their swings. It’s conceivable in football that you could get the lead with 6 or 7 minutes to go in the game and never give the ball back to the other team’s offense.
Another reason why the average person might not be turning to baseball today is the microwave effect. Our’s is the only generation to set the microwave to cook out meal and tap our fingers as we wait expectantly for it to cook, the whole time rolling our eyes because it’s taking too long. Bill Veeck said, "This is a game to be savored, not gulped.  There’s time to discuss everything between pitches or between innings." One of the things I’ve always said is that Baseball is like good sex, you can’t rush it. Good baseball is about relationship. One of the buzzwords today is community. Baseball builds community.  It’s not an up and down sport, it’s not ten guys jumping at each other so one guy can run around the corner for a few yards. What it is, is a game that is as much about the anticipation as it is about the actual happening. How many of your favorite memories for baseaball involve sitting on the edge of your couch or standing in a screaming stadium, with every one around you offerering their opinion on what is going to happen next? Throw a fastball, hit a home run, or throw a change up get him to ground softly to second. Will the batter be the next Kirby Puckett, or the next chump? Baseball is about what might happen, what could happen as much as it is about what does happen.
I just watched a show tonight that talked about what if Steve Bartman hadn’t caught that foul ball in the NLCS. Perhaps, a better question from that game is what if Alex Gonzales had handled the ground ball to him?
Baseball requires more of the fan. And it should be that way.  If nothing else this whole steroids fiasco proves that anytime baseball gets too fixated on the Glitz it turns on itself and tarnishes its rich past.
Simply put, it is easier to sit and watch a football game and cheer. You can be loaded out of your mind and still figure it out. Not a lot of nuances that the average fan has to pick up in order to be that into it. Now, I’ve been to my share of games that involved drunken baseball fans. I’m not trying to attack football here as much as I am attempting to defend baseball.  I’ll write a formal review of the book later.

Does Major League Baseball have problems? Of course, any business does. But all the Chicken Little’s in the media need to pipe down and enjoy the game. Get steroids out, let the rest alone. If baseball is losing some of


, it’s probably ok. In a generation that has to have the “right now” effect, baseball just doesn’t offer that and it shouldn’t. Besides all other arguments, I am reminded of an age old cliché: “Variety is the spice of life.”