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It’s Time for Girardi and The Umps to Take Responsibility For “Spring Gate”

    I’m not even going to touch the disparity of the suspensions. It’s time we take a much closer look at the umpires who were working the game between the Yankees and Rays that lead to “Spring Gate.”  The pitch that “hit” Evan Longoria barely touched him. If the kid had moved at all, it would have missed him completely. Let’s be honest, the Yankees pitcher wasn’t exactly a picture of control up to that point but supposedly he magically had pinpoint accuracy? Come on. That’s just silly.
    Now, let’s talk about Duncan’s slide. Yes, his leg is up. But he didn’t even touch the guy. His leg is up and not extended. HE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE CONTACT WITH HIS FOOT.   For someone to say that he was trying to send a message with that slide must mean that they saw a different game than I did or that they think Duncan has the physical co-ordination of a second grader. Maybe they just don’t like the Yankees.
    This whole thing is greatly overblown because of Girardi’s dumb comments. If he doesn’t act like the silly spoiled rich kid who’s upset his AA player got hurt and keeps his diarrhetic mouth shut Duncan makes his slide and nothing happens. A few jaws might would have been exercised.
    This ‘story” best illustrates the responsibility of leadership. For this game, both Girardi and the umpires blew it.

Is Torre a Coward, or A Stand Up Guy?

I don’t know. That’s the honest truth. Does he know something and doesn’t want to throw Rocket under the bus, or is he just angry with the Yankees and see this as a way to hurt them. Or is it any one of a thousand other "or’s"? I don’t know. I do know that his failure to say anything of substance bothers me. Read the Yahoo article here.

Does Jim Leyland Have a Monkey On His Back?

I’m not a fan of Tony LaRussa. In fact, I cheer for at least two teams. The YankeesLey_1
and anyone playing against Tony’s team. So last year in the World Series I so badly wanted the Tigers to win. Watching their pitchers give play defense like a Little League team was painful to say the least. It had to be painful for Tiger’s Skipper Jim Leyland.


Let’s be honest, Leyland’s teams are kind of known for springing a few leaks under pressure. I hope when MLB launches their "all MLB all the time" station they don’t show the Braves/Pirates series of yesteryear too often–it’s just painful to watch a team collapse like that.

Then today, I’m listening to the Tigers/White Sox game on my way home from work. Great game. I listen to Tigers work their way out of a jam only giving up one run in the 8th for the game to tie. I hustle in my house, turn on the game to catch the bottom of the 9th. A simple bunt, and the pitcher hustles over, fumbles the ball and throws it to his imaginary friend somewhere behind the first baseman. Game over. E1.

Does Leyland have a monkey on his back? Forget the fact that his teams always seem to fold like a fat guys will power at a buffet, and just focus on the pitchers. The Tigers pitchers cannot field. I don’t know how else to say it, when the game is on the line, they just can’t field. From where I’m sitting the responsibility for that has to sit with Jim Leyland.

I know he has his ring with Marlins, but seriously how many more should he have? I like Jim Leyland. I think he’s old school and when he throws a rant, he doesn’t throw his players under the bus (Ahem, Mr. Pinella) but if you saw today’s game, it was absolutely ridiculous. Much like last year’s World Series.

It’s Time To Fix This Mess

I haven’t posted for a while. I could give you the usual suspect list of excuses. I mean I have had Strep Throat, I did move over 300 miles and I’ve been without my MLB extra innings.  But those would just be excuses. The truth is I am probably over extended when it comes to blogging. I have two of my own and I contribute to two others. Nonetheless I have baseball on the brain and that is what I want to get to here tonight. Hopefully, with more to come in the near future, baseball blogging will become a part of my life again. I want to be highlighted by MLBlogs during the season!
So let’s turn our attention to my beloved Yankees. I am tired of hearing about the injuries. This pitching staff, when healthy is a **** shoot atTorrecash_1 best and any honest fan knows it. I’ve said it before; it’s time for Joe to go. I like Joe, I do but the problem is that this team’s current makeup exploits his greatest weakness. How he uses his pitching. Joe’s a good manager, maybe HOF worthy, but the man struggle with how to best use his pitching. When your team is pitching staff is held together by nothing more than the strength of Carl Pavano’s forearm, you’re in trouble.  That is where the Yankees are today. I mean tonight they scored eight runs and they’re losing by a football score! The Red Sox are pulling away from us. I realize it’s only May and I’m far from being one to panic. Yes, I believe if we get everyone back healthy and we get one or two pitchers to mature we might be a playoff contender. But, let me ask you this: “Do you really believe Joe Torre can bring that young player along?” Everyone loves a manager who can get all that talent to work together.  Sometimes a team needs a manager to throw a few things here and there and get their attention. I’m not a Lou fan and I think over the course of the season his rants become more white noise than anything else. In fact if I owned the Cubs, I  might get rid of Lou, but that’s another post.
This is not a new problem with Torre, either. It is widely accepted that management of pitchers is his greatest weakness. His “nice guy” everyone get along demeanor may well be the next problem. If this team is going to turn this around it is time they start to act like these silly losses where 11 runs are squandered matters. It’s time for Joe to start being a little more aggressive. Fight for your guys if you think they got jobbed on a call. Get thrown out of a game or two, and see what happens. In one of his books he talks about “Maintaining an even keel” which is great unless that keel is sinking. Then it’s time to rattle a few cages.
Which really brings us to question below the question. Who is really responsible for this debacle the last few years? Is it George? Is it Cash? Is Cash really that good of a GM? Here at DT we’ve been very critical of his handling of Bernie this year. A situation that may well still bite our proverbial backsides.
Who do you believe is responsible for the systematic failure to address the pitching situation over the last few years? It may well be George and maybe, Brian Cashman isn’t to blame, but somehow I think he deserves more blame than he’s taking. I’ve only heard one guy say anything negative about him in the media.  Maybe it’s time to replace Brian, or maybe we’re just reaping the fruit that is sown when an over involved owner meddles in the sport side of things. (Are you listening Mark Torrestein_1
Regardless, the Yankees have made some pitching decisions over the years that one can only scratch their head at and wonder about. Thankfully, it is only May and we may still be able to make a run at the division, the Pennant and even the World Series, but this team just seems to remind of an Uncle I had when I was a kid—promise the world but always fell short in delivery.


Ahh, College Athletics

Well, if you haven’t seen this video, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Two things crack me up about this video.

  1. What is his coach arguing? I mean, I’ve been on both sides of that argument, having been both a coach and an ump. I’m just not sure what he hopes to say here. I guess he could be defending his guy saying that the previous pitch hit him but…well watch the video.
  2. I love the back up catcher at the end of the vid. He’s just getting ready. I can hear his thoughts going off in his head, "OK, here’s my chance. I’m ready for this. Maybe he’ll get suspended for the rest of the year and I’ll get discovered…"