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Ken Rosenthal Seems to Be a Hypocrite: My Mitchell Report Rant: Part 2

MitchellsQuick, prove that Elves don’t exist. Better yet, prove that you’ve never hit a child in anger. Go ahead and deny it. I’ll just say your not telling the truth. If my name is Ken Rosenthal, I’ll say that unless you take theKenr
kid leveling the accusation to court, I cannot believe you. I’ll shroud myse
lf if in a cocoon of mock self-righteousness like a caterpillar. Then when you do file that lawsuit, I’ll blather on and on about how your defense sounds just like all the others that have been caught. In other words, once some kid levels an accusation against you that you did something inappropriate you are darned if you do and darned if you don’t.
Welcome to the world of Roger Clemens who has embarked upon the one of the hardest tasks known to man; proving a negative. I’ve already talked about the hypocrisy that is too many sports reporters. FoxSports writers (I refuse to give some of these men the respect of naming them as reporters) seem to be the most egregious in their inconsistent response.
Ken Rosenthal, who seems to suffer from an early on-set of memory loss, said this last week:

If Roger Clemens believes his former trainer, Brian McNamee, lied to former Sen. George Mitchell, then let’s see action, not words. …If Clemens truly wants to prove that he never used performance-enhancing drugs, then let’s see him file a lawsuit in an effort to clear his name. (See this article)

So now, that Roger has done exactly what Mr. Rosenthal said he had to do in order to get some credibility, Ken has this to say:

His strategy — deny, deny, deny — previously was employed by Marion Jones, Barry Bonds and other athletes accused of using PEDs. In Clemens’ case, the strategy actually could work, provided that no one corroborates McNamee’s charges and fans eventually lose interest. (See this article)

He goes on to talk about how Roger cannot be given the benefit of the doubt because of all the other athletes who have gone before him and lied. Wait, one week ago you wanted action, Mr Rosenthal, now you’ve got it and your still sputtering your scurrilous stammering.  It sounds to me Mr. Rosenthal, as though you have an agenda. You actually sound like you have an axe to grind. Now, you and your ilk are hypothesizing about why would the accuser lie? 
    Let’s look at the facts as we know them:

  1. There is a spurious accusation leveled against Mr. Clemens in the L.A. Times.
  2. That accusation is denied.
  3. The Mitchell report comes out, where Roger Clemens is the prominent name mentioned again and again.
  4. The only “evidence” in that “report” is one man who is attempting to avoid spending time in jail. No cancelled checks that cannot be explained, no one else to corroborate the accusation.
  5. This accusation is also denied.
  6. The report that the L.A. Times accusation was supposedly founded upon, and no confirmation of the report.
  7. L.A Times (with a little egg on their collective face) issues a retraction.
  8. Roger hires a lawyer and begins to attempt to clear his name.

Now, I want to ask, where is the corroboration? Surely, if this guy was taking Geogemitchell
Steroids, somebody else saw him. Surely, two years and all that money has produced something better than one guy who is trying to avoid jail time. When all the verbal excrement from a male cow is boiled down that’s all there is; one accusation from a guy trying to avoid jail time. We’ll leave the phone call and the changing story for another day.
    The most repugnant in all of this is the sports reporters, of whom Mr. Rosenthal is the worst, for their vilification of a man based on nothing. Mr. Rosenthal, who’s  sanctimonious writing  would make any fundamentalist preacher proud changes faster than the wind. He reminds me of the kid who stood on the playground-chanting put up or shut up and when the target he was taunting “put up” he cried foul.  The problem for Mr. Rosenthal is that his keyboard wrote a check that evidently his ego will not let him cash; he dared Roger Clemens to do something to earn credibility and then when Roger did the very thing demanded of him, Rosenthal writes a piece that essentially says, “I don’t care, he’s guilty.”
Mr. Rosenthal, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you look silly right now. You said, you’d give him the benefit of the doubt if he did these things. Now, he’s done those things and you appear to be too stubborn or prideful to admit that you’re just pretending that you are anything more than back in Salem looking for somebody to put down. Evidence, it seems is irrelevant to you. You just want a story that will lead. And they say, Bloggers have no accountability. It’s time for you to put up or shut up, Ken.Otherwise you just sound like a hypocrite.Salemwitch

MLB Innings

Thankfully, I have the MLB extra innings ticket for the next week or so. Obviously, I can’t buy it until I move to Mi. so I’m thinking about the computer. Does anyone watch on MLB.tv? Do you like it? How’s the quality? How delayed is the feed? I have XM so I can strait radio (I’ve done it before).

A Little Integrity Mr. Mike Lupica! How You Can Really Make A Stand Against The Steroid Issue

Hello, Mike Lupica! Mr. Lupica? Can you hear me, Mr. Lupica? Up there on your high horse, can you hear me, the common working man, down here in the grind of everyday life. As my 22 month old would say, "Woo Hoo!" Can, I call you Mike? Thanks. Mike, here’s the thing, I’m not really sure how to say this and I’m not normally a guy to beat around the bushes, but here it is, YOU….ARE….A….HYPOCRITE!  I’ve been reading with some interest your recent "shots from the lip." I actually enjoy many of them. But earlier this week, you called Roger Clemens, what was it again…a coward? Really? Why because he’s willing to work only part of the year? Is this like having a "daily" column where you just run re-prints when your on vacation? I thought you were out there on that one.You’re right, that isn’t why I think you’re more silly than a politician who makes promises about no more taxes. Here’s why?  Recently you said, Mark McGwire should not be in the Hall of Fame. I liked it when you said that, I did. You had an opinion and you were willing to share it with the world. Good for you. Here’s the problem. There’s a book on my shelf that you wrote detailing how McGwire and Sosa saved baseball. Do you remember that book, Sir? Stickie-notes on the floor of your son’s room telling him the exploits of Mac and Sos the night before? Surely, you remember that book. It has Mac’s picture on the front. The book about fathers and sons and how the love is passed from one generation to the next. Talking to your Dad on the night that Mac hits 62 all those years after watching Maris (who should be in the Hall) hit 61. Do you remember that book, sir?
I hope so, because I have a great way for you to have a little more integrity the next time you wax oh so eloquent on the television (by the way, I’m not even touching what that particular instrument is accused of doing to our youth).
The next time you crawl back up on this particular soap box, I will believe you really care about more than ratings, I will stand and defend you, I will rally my friends to your cause, if…and to be honest only if…you donate some of the profits from the book to charity. Perhaps, a charity that provides underprivileged kids in fine City you call home an opportunity to participate in sports or something. Ok, stop laughing for minute and listen to what I’m saying. You gained from what you claim McGwire did, that makes you no better than him. When you get up there and spout about the moral turpitude of these guys, it just doesn’t ring true. When Mac was loved and baseball was turning its collective eye away from the obvious, you made money. If I were a businessman, I would probably respect that, but I’m not a business man. You’re a reporter. You’re supposed to be the one who helps us–the little guys, who work swing shift, and get indigestion because we’re not sure our bills will get paid this month–hold our athletes accountable. You’re the guy with the access that men like me, men who stand beside their daughters bed after not seeing them because we had to work a double shift today hoping for a better life for them. At least that’s what I’m hearing when I hear talk about this year’s Hall ballot. How can you do that when you’re making money endorsing the very man, you know call a cheater? Now, to be fair, the entire book is not about Mac and Sammy, but at least half the book deals with them and their exploits that summer. So I think that would be a good place to start. Half of all money made from the book should be given to charity.
If you really believe they cheated and they should be punished then have some integrity, and don’t make money glorifying guys you think cheated us, the working stiff. If you don’t think it’s wrong to make money off of cheating than treat Mac and Sammy fairly and check their name when you vote. I’m going to bet, that you’ll say it’s not OK to profit off of cheating, or by glorifying those men who cheated. Then I beg you, Mike give some of the money back. Take a real stand. Do something that will really start a conversation going. I dare you. I dare you to be the man, you want us to believe you are. A man, who stands on principle, a man who stands for what he believes. Otherwise, just stick with writing about football because what you say about baseball and Mac and how I should feel about it sounds like nothing more than meaningless rhetoric.

Baseball and Family

Go here and read what a Cardinals fan has to say about baseball and her dad. I remember playing wiffleball in the backyard with my own dad and watching him MASH the ball one handed. Some of my fondest memories are of playing wiffleball and kickball in th backyard. I can’t wait till I can play wiht my own kids.