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Who Knew Ken Rosenthal and I Would Agree

Seriously, I figured there would be a better chance that the he would
say the sky was blue and I’d point out that was just light reflecting
through the dirt, the sky is actually black. But Ken Rosenthal and I
agree: Andre Dawson deserves to be measured on his era not, the steroid
era or the current era (the Shrivel era?) but his era. Andre was a HOF
for the era he played in.

He should be voted in. Read Ken’s (Can I call you that Ken?) thoughts here.

My Hall of Fame Picks, One Hour Early

  • Brady Anderson-Haha, um no
  • Harold Baines-Nope
  • Rod Beck-No.
  • Bert Blyleven-With respect to the Prince….NO
  • Dave Concepcion-No   
  • Andre Dawson-No
  • Shawon Dunston-No 
  • Chuck Finley-No.
  • Travis Fryman-No.
  • Goose Gossage-Absolutely. Should’ve been in long ago.
  • Tommy John-No way you should get in because a Dr. named a surgery after you.
  • Dave Justice-Should never see another ballot
  • Chuck Knoblauch-No, unless they add a wing about throwing errors
  • Don Mattingly-Good Guy, might have some argument b/c of the Kirby Puckett injury exception clause but this year; no
  • Mark McGwire-Never (and it has nothing to do with his testimony)–he was a one dimensional player, his defense was below average, and his base running skills and ability to hit for average were well below average
  • Jack Morris-Yes. I’d probably give him the nod by our recent standards
  • Dale Murphy-No, I don’t even think that’s a discussion
  • Robb Nen- Guy had guts but he never sees another ballot
  • Dave Parker-no
  • Tim Raines-Maybe in a few years….maybe
  • Jim Rice-How has this not happened already? Yes
  • Jose Rijo-No…who?
  • Lee Smith-No
  • Todd Stottlemyre-Nope
  • Alan Trammell-Excellent guy, and a good player, maybe even  great but not a Hall of Famer.

There’s Got To Be Something To Do With The BWAA

I just cannot believe that Goose Gossage didn’t get into the Hall today. Essentially, they just put in the two guys everyone knew was going to get in and didn’t do anything else! One guy has handed in a blank ballot two years in a row! This is beyond the point of absurd. I’m so fired up, I can’t put together a coherent post except to say, PBBBBBTTTT to the BWAA. I’ll have to come up with a soloution over the next few days and post it. For now, I’m off to play a little MVP2005 and solace myself with some Ice Cream

For My Money, It’s Goose, Donnie and Oral. Who I Would Vote For If I Had a Vote

The big vote is in tomorrow, and the debates will start in earnest then. For this post, I’m going to stay away from Mac and Sammy on purpose, but I am going to cast who I would vote for if I had a vote.  Obviously, Cal and Tony are in. For the sake of conversation, I think Tony should get in with a higher percentage than Cal. I lived in the Baltimore area for a few years, which included Cal’s last days playing. The one legitimate gripe I think that should be levied at Cal is the fact that he never really lead his teammates. That is, if another player didn’t run a ball out or hustle, he never really said anything. That, in my book is a failure to lead a team. We’ll never really know what that cost Cal or the Orioles. It certainly doesn’t detract that much from  a Hall of Fame career. So the question remains, who else should get in.
The obvious eight hundred pound gorilla in the corner is Goose Gossage.  Whether he’s hurt from too long of a career or not, it seems beyond the point of absurdity to me that he isn’t in yet. If you really believe Bruce Sutter deserves to be in, then Gossage has to be inducted this year.
I’d love to see Paul O’Neill get in but I doubt he does, ever. I seriously doubt Brosious will get in either. In fact, I’m not sure he deserves to even be on the ballot. Allan Trammel won’t get in. Only one season with plus 100 R.B.I’s is just not enough to get him in. Good guy, good player, but not Hall worthy.   Ok, enough rambling, lets’ just get to who I would vote for, if I had a vote:
1. Tony Gwynn–Can there really be any debate about this
2. Cal Ripken Jr. –See #1
3. Rich Gossage–Absolutely lights out for many many years. One of the best to ever close.
4. Don Mattingly — I realize that some who read this may claim "homer’ on this vote but I feel if his career is anywhere but NY, he’s already in. Donnie Baseball is arguably one of the best to ever play first base in a town that is murder on its players (anybody watch Eli Manning play recently?)
5. Oral Hershiser — This guy was one of the most feared pitchers of his day. If it was the World Series game 7 is there anyone who’s really going to tell me they wouldn’t want him pitching?

That’s it. See, I told you no Mark or Sosa stuff. Today.