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I Love Andy Pettitte





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One of my favorite Yankee Stadium memories is from when I
was in college. We drove to the Stadium at the last minute.  I snuck down from the nose bleed sections to
the right field wall. Shawn Green still played for the Blue Jays. He missed a
ball that should have been an easy out (after striking out on three pitches in
the top half of the inning) and we rode him really hard. He actually pointed to
us, uttered a few words about wanting to have “special relationships” with us.  That clip of him pointing at us actually made
it on ESPN, the world wide misleader, that night. Clemens was pitching for the
Jays. There was this little girl that came to the game with her dad. She wore a
pink dress, patent leather shoes, and had a poster hidden against her body.  During one portion of the game where there was
really not all that much going on, the fans started booing and chanting. I
turned around and sure enough her poster said, “I love Roger.” I have no idea
what her dad was doing bringing her to that portion of the stadium. That is a
fond memory.

Another fond memory was this large guy making fun of Bernie
Williams. Now, I love Bernie. There was no need for him to be making fun of
Bernie at this time (I think it was ’97) so I turned around to see who was
heckling Bernie. The guy looked like Newman.


So I turned around and went after
the poor fellow. I asked him if they charged him for two seats and told him to
let Bernie alone. The entire area of the stadium cheered me for that. (I know
it was mean and I can only claim the lack of judgment that comes from youth).  

None of that was my favorite memory from that game. My
favorite memory from that game is the fact that Andy Pettitte pitched. Even as
I sit and type this post I can still remember his pitching. It was magical. He
was so fluid. Each body-motion was loaded with power, yet the overall motion
was like a dancer performing a fine classical tune. Andy Pettitte is my
favorite Yankee of my life time, maybe of all time…but

…it’s time for him to accept the fact that he isn’t worth 16
million dollars in this market. Is there another team out there that is going
to give it to him? Maybe, maybe not, no one knows for sure. At what point
though, does that become a moot point. Andy has said before that it’s not just
about the money for him. I believed him. Now, I’m starting to wonder.  He has a chance to be part of one of the
potentially greatest rotations in a long time to wear the Yankee pinstripes. When
he left last time, I was crushed. It physically hurt and I imagine that this
time will hurt some as well but he needs to be realistic.

I suppose with the Red Sox signing of Brad Penny may give
Andy some more room to negotiate with the Yanks but not much. I really hope he
comes back. I think his leadership and personality will be good for the
Yankees. He’s one of the best post season pitchers of all time.  The Yankees could use him, but they don’t
need him.

One is Legal the Other is Not. Are Americans Just Dumb?


In what can only be described as an attempt at sensationalism, many sports news outlets are reporting that Pedro Martinez was seen at a cockfight in his home country. Fox sports shares a story from the NY Post where the authors makes a Jr. High attempt to connect Pedro to Michael Vick.
Here’s my favorite quote:

The video marks the latest incident involving sports stars involved in animal cruelty.

Atlanta Falcon quarterback Michael Vick is serving a 23-month federal sentence and has been indefinitely suspended by the NFL because of a felony conviction on dogfighting charges.

There’s one big difference between what Vick was doing and what Pedro was doing. Pedro’s not breaking the law of his country. Even our astute investigative reporters note that he was with the man who used to be the country’s Minister of Sports and that it isn’t illegal in the country they are doing it in.  Have we really come to the place in our country where even the liberals think we need to start making the rules for how other countries live their life? Is **** fighting disgusting? Yes. Is it wrong? Yes. Does it matter what I think in the Dominican Republic? Nope. This is just dumb. If Pedro wants to go to a **** fight, that’s his business, not mine.
I even saw some idiot clamoring for Pedro to be put in jail on a message board. He kept saying, “We put Vick in jail, same thing for Pedro.” Has the American education really failed that badly? Is the ability to weld logic in America really that poor? Maybe we can invade the D.R. next so we can make sure they create laws that we like too. Did Vick get railroaded? Probably. Did he get more time than a no-name non-football player would have? Absolutely, but he did it in a country that has laws against it. The Dominican not only doesn’t have laws against it but it seems to be nationally accepted. It’s time for Americans to get over their hubris. It’s time for the “sports reporters” to just report the news and leave their agendas at home.

Cashman I Know, Jete I Know, but Who is Michael Rosenberg?

I don’t know who this guy is, I’ve never heard of him, but according to him Brian Cashman really made a mistake by not getting Santana. To that I say, “Hogwash.” Yes, Santana is one of the best pitchers in baseball if not the best but how many rings has that translated to? What happened when Mr. Santana played these same Yankees in playoffs in years past? How about when they played the A’s two years ago? Santana is great but he’s not gonna bring a ring to the Mets. He wouldn’t have brought a ring to the Yankees. Both teams in New York need more than a starter, they need youth. How often has a team going and getting the “best” player at whatever position not worked out? Especially in New York. Too much. I applaud Cashman’s decision to stick with the youth plan. Hopefully, Hank will realize it was the right call too.

What Will Andy Say?

Picture_3A number of sources are reporting that Andy Pettitte will testify that Roger was involved with HGH and Steroids. Read the Yahoo article here. If he does, it’s over for Roger. I want to believe Roger, I do but Andy has always been my favorite Yankee and his character is not in question in my mind. If he calls Roger out, it’s over. This does beg the question of so what? As one  astute commenter mentioned earlier most of the guys that are in the Mitchell waste of money miss-report
report are below average players. Maybe there isn’t as much benefit after all. I mean, if Jack Cust, he was awful when he was supposed to be using. Meanwhile, as we count down the days to the start of the season, we wonder what will Andy say and how long will this black cloud hang over baseball.

Dear Congress, Please SHUT UP!!

For the most part I’ve always believed that most politicians are nothing more than pompous wind bags. Today’s “hearings” proves my point. The only questions I’ve ever heard that would rank higher on the dumb scale have been uttered by sideline reporters. You know the type of question where how a coach who just lost on a last second something is feeling or how a closer who just gave up the winning walk off Larry in the bottom of the 18th in game of seven of the world series is feeling. Honestly, what business is this of the government’s? Are there so few things going on in the world today that the ruling body of the world’s most powerful nation has to concern itself with a sport that has the toughest drug policy of any of the major sports industries in America? Is there not a war going on? How about the drug problem? Has congress really cleaned that up? I know, I’m sure they’ve worked out the immigration issue, right? No? How about the healthcare issue?  I’ve asked before and I’m going to keep asking why is congress involved in this? Now, I’ll answer my own question,Congress is involved in this  because it’s a gimme. They can go all high horse, self righteous on this and for too many Americans it will distract them from the job actually being done in Washington. I’m not here to write about Politics but oh how I wish someone would invent a PED for politicians.
Now, that would be something.

There is Still a War Going On, Right?

I just don’t see how this fits into a job description for congress. There’s a war going on, people are getting slaughtered in far flung places of the world.  People here at home are going hungry and congress is worried about who used drugs in baseball. That’s a crock of something. I’d write more but I’m off to call my congressman.