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White Sox and Marlins It Is

Well, I’m off to bed and it looks like 24 is safe for my Monday night viewing pleasure. Man, what an awful game. B.Y. Kim looked the same fellow that the Yanks hammered a few years ago. And when did John Miller go to the Tim McCarver school of broadcasting. What an awful broadcast. Joe Morgan did his usual blah job, but Miller has been simply terrible this entire tournament. I thought about turning off the sound and listening to the XM. Probably should have. Well, I’ve given up enough sleep to this. Here comes the rain delay. I’m off to bed. Wait! Do the camera guys really have to run with the Field Crew guys putting the tarp out? To Bed and sleep.


I’m afraid to say it outloud

I’m afraid to say it ouloud. Let’s go Korea. If they lose. I don’t even know if I’ll watch the championship. It would like watching the White Sox play the Marlins; who cares! I’d be sick if Cuba won. I know that’s probably not all that politically correct, but it’s how I feel.

Kissing Your Sister on a Baseball Field

Well, as I predicted Team USA’s involvement in the World Baseball Classic is a no win situation. Especially, with the lackluster performance they gave yesterday.  Is anyone really surprised by Dontrell Willis’ performance? It’s too early in the season to say that he brought his best stuff. I’m not saying this isn’t a great win for Team Canada. It’s certainly a win of towering proportions, that will be told from one generation of baseball fans to another.
What I find interesting is the amount of people who are attributing yesterdays game as a Red Sox vs. Yankees. Last time I checked Willis pitches for the Marlins. To be honest I’d love to have him pitch for the Yanks, but alas we’re stuck with more questions than George Bush’s cabinet leaders on his exit strategy from Iraq. But that topic is for another day. Today’s topic is the lackluster performance with which Team USA played yesterday. They looked like a team playing a spring training game. Wait! That’s exaclty what they’re doing. Playing spring training games. Problem is most of the rest of the world isn’t.
Now, I admit, I’ve listened to a large amount of games, I’ve watched some and I’m always checking scores. For me, the WBC is not a bad thing. I enjoy baseball, and even though I believe Mr Lasorda went way too far in criticizing those who didn’t want to play I enjoy it. I don’t think it’s good for baseball thought if you define baseball as the business that is Major League Baseball.
But from a fans perspective I am enjoying it. I don’t think the quality has been all that good to this point, but I like to watch Little League Baseball, which isn’t exactly a paragon of quality ball.
Here’s my problem as an American. If we beat South Africa tomorrow, it will be, "so what, South Africa isn’t that good." If we lose a thousand Chicken Little’s will be running around screaming how the sky is falling now that the football catastrophe is over. It’s just too much like Kissing your sister on a baseball field, and above all else baseball is supposed to be fun.
I’m a little dissappointed in the "official Press officer" of the Team USA due to the fact that he hasn’t given a reaction yet to the loss yesterday.
Here’s hoping the Rocket brings us back tomorrow and the bats wake up.  If not, opening day is right around the corne.

Mr. Lasorda, You’ve Just Gone Too Far

"This is bigger than the
World Series, bigger than Major League Baseball because if you win that gold
medal, all the country is happy."

—Tommy Lasorda on The Dan Patrick


I love baseball. I love to watch it.
I’ll stop and watch a little league game just because I enjoy watching someone
try to put a little round bat on a little round ball. Personally, I think it
has to be one of the hardest things there is to do. I like Tommy Lasorda. My
mom loved him because she was old school Italian, and as such you just gave
guys like Tommy respect. Here’s the thing: It’s just time for Tommy to shut up.
The WBC is nothing, it won’t be around in a few years unless there is some
major changes applied to it. Tommy playing the whole patriotic card is not only
superfluous, it’s wrong. It was wrong of George and the G.O.P to say anyone who
disagreed with his “patriotic Act” was “un-American.” The WBC means so little
that Tommy’s own nephew, Mike Piazza is playing for


, even though he was born in
Norristown Pa. Nobody watched the Olympics, and very few people are going to
watch the WBC. I’m sure hard core baseball fans will watch it. I’ll probably
watch a few games myself, but I could do without it.

I will admit that I was excited when I
first heard about it, but the more I hear the less I like it. No one is ready for competitive play at this
point in the season. What about injury? Let’s say Albert Pujlos gets hurt and
misses the entire season. There goes the
Cardinals chance at losing late in the post season this year. The risk is
something each MLB player should be allowed to consider and make their own
decision. The fact of the matter is, the “Classic” is really nothing more than
a lose/lose for the


If we win, everyone says, “They should win.” If we lose, everyone says, “Ha! We
beat the Americans!” It’s like playing your little sister in the backyard. You
just can’t win.

With respect to Mr. Lasorda and his old
school ways, which are something I respect, the landscape of


changed. No one cares about international sports in this matter anymore. He was
all angered when his Olympic team winning Gold wasn’t given the same level of
respect as the 1980 Hockey teams’ s miracle on ice. 

The world is simply in a different place.
There is no rivalry like we had with the Soviets. It wasn’t just two countries,
it was two ideologies. It just isn’t the case anymore. Given the right settings
the WBC could be a good thing, for entertainment purposes. Not for Patriotic
Mr. Lasorda, let’s be honest with each other. This is simply a way for Bud and
the boys to get the good word out and build up revenue. And that’s ok. Let’s
just stay honest with that and not try to make it something it’s not.