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Is Jason Whitlock a Racist?

I’ll admit it, I’m not a Jason Whitlock fan. I think he’s obnoxious,
and rude (listen to him on the Jim Rome show).  I think he makes
everything a race issue. Which begs the question; “Is Jason Whitlock a
racist?” I don’t know, I hope not. But hang with me here. Have you read
his latest article for Foxsports.com? Look at this quote:

8. A friend called me Sunday afternoon and referred to Brett Favre as the “White T.O.”

Can you imagine if a white reporter wrote that? Brett Favre is the
white TO?  What happened to “I don’t see a black football player, I
just see a football player”? What does their skin color have to do with
it? The answer is absolutely nothing. Is Favre just like TO? Yes, he
probably is. It appears that he is every bit as much of a cancer as
“the player” at WR for the Cowboys. This isn’t new. Remember when he
was debating retirement 68 seasons ago and he infamously said, “What
are they [the Packers] going to do, fire me?”

But this isn’t about Brett Favre, or TO. It’s about Whitlock and his
inconsistency. Ironically, this racially loaded statement came in an
article that was about character. When accusations came out against
Clemens from a weasel named McNamee Whitlock cried racism. Why else he
opined would people be so willing to slay Bonds? It had to be the color
of their skin! It had to be because deep down “the man” is still alive
and kicking trying to put the black man in his place.

Now, I wonder what Mr. Whitlock would do if someone other than “his
friend” made a racial distinction. He could have easily said, “You know
there’s no difference in character between Favre and TO.” I’m just a
lowly blogger and I fixed it in about 5 seconds.

 I know racism still exists in America. I’ve seen it first hand. It’s
disgusting and gross. The other extreme is just as bad, and this is
what I think Whitlock is guilty of more often than not. The problem is
in America we have things that one race can say and get away with while
another race could not. That, my friends is racism. It was wrong 150
years ago, it was wrong 50 years ago and it’s wrong today.

Jason Whitlock needs to apologize for what he’s said. I know it was
actually his friend and I know that he was just quoting him but if a
white reporter said this, Whitlock would be leading the charge to get
his reporter’s license revoked.   I’m sure that Whitlock would probably
bristle at the idea of someone calling him a racist. I’m sure that many
of his friends would come to his defense, but hey I’m just applying the
standard that Whitlock has set to his own words.

Oh! And I’m not holding my breath about that apology.