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Little League World Series: Go Salisbury

I was born in Williamsport Pa. My parents have taken me to the LLWS a couple of times. My mom and I used to watch the Championship when I was a kid, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually known someone or a team there. The Mid-Atlantic team is from Salisbury Md. Erica and I used to live there. I know Bill Cropper (not overly close but it was a small town) and I actually tossed the other coach from a game. (He’s a good guy).
I umpired a lot of games for these guys older brothers, and taught some of their older brothers. I have to say I’m a little disappointed to see them complain openly about the umpire’s strike zone. Although, it does seem that the ump has missed a few calls, and his zone has been a little inconsistent. At the end of two, I’d say they’re right in it. 
It was good to see Canaan Cropper give the kid from Arizona a high five on his home run. (the second one of the day for that team).
Personally, I’ll be cheering for Scott McGiffin. His older brother refereed for me when I worked in the Wicomico County Soccer program there.
What’s ironic is that I would cheer for Arizona if Maryland wasn’t there. The head coach for Az used to play for the Yanks. I actually have his autograph somewhere.