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Put Your Hat On!!

Will someone PLEASE tell the pitcher from the Georgia to put his hat on right! You look downright silly when your hat is falling off every time you throw a pitch.


Little League World Series: Go Salisbury

I was born in Williamsport Pa. My parents have taken me to the LLWS a couple of times. My mom and I used to watch the Championship when I was a kid, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually known someone or a team there. The Mid-Atlantic team is from Salisbury Md. Erica and I used to live there. I know Bill Cropper (not overly close but it was a small town) and I actually tossed the other coach from a game. (He’s a good guy).
I umpired a lot of games for these guys older brothers, and taught some of their older brothers. I have to say I’m a little disappointed to see them complain openly about the umpire’s strike zone. Although, it does seem that the ump has missed a few calls, and his zone has been a little inconsistent. At the end of two, I’d say they’re right in it. 
It was good to see Canaan Cropper give the kid from Arizona a high five on his home run. (the second one of the day for that team).
Personally, I’ll be cheering for Scott McGiffin. His older brother refereed for me when I worked in the Wicomico County Soccer program there.
What’s ironic is that I would cheer for Arizona if Maryland wasn’t there. The head coach for Az used to play for the Yanks. I actually have his autograph somewhere.