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Fun LiveBlogging

I enjoyed Liveblogging so much last night that I might go ahead and do it tomorrow night for the Red Sox/Mariners game. I have to ump a game before that so I may not be able to catch the first few innings. I’ll just have to play it by ear. Right now, I’m working on a "If I owned the Cubs"  post that should be up in a few days.

Yanks/Twins LiveBlog

7:05: Fire is set. Starting out on ESPN. The Yankees are inside so hopefully they’ll cut down on some errors tonight. If not, and the starting pitching stays as spotty as it has been we could be in for a long night.

7:09: Note to Erin Andrews. "LOOK AT THE CAMERA!" Nice double by Damon. Ponson pitching makes me feel a lot better.

7:12. Nice hit by Abreau. Ponson looks dumb with his hair like that. A-Rod only hits something like .180 against Ponson but quite a few
homers against him. Jeter just saved made him look good.

7:17. Great hit by Posada. I’d love to see us knock Ponson out before this inning’s over.

Mid-1st. Yanks 3, Twins 0. We still need a good defensive showing.

7:25. Ok, I hope Jeter isn’t hurt more. They just showed him doing something funny with his neck. Pavano looks awful.

7:28. End 1. Yanks 3, Twins 0

Pavano did a good job starting that double. Maybe he’ll do Ok!

7:37. WOW! What a great at bat by Abreau. The Extra Innings game is the Twins feed, which is a little disappointing. Ponson’ s on the ropes. A lot of pitches and best of all he’s giving up a lot of runs.

Mid 2. Yanks 5, Twins O

7:41 Ok, Pavano just gave up a lead-off double. He’s got a stinking 5 run lead, all he needs to do is let his defense play. Don’t panic. I just wonder if this guy still has it.

7:45 Great Play by Jeter! The Twin’s announcers are killing Cudyer.

End 2. Yanks 5, Twins O

Pavano worked out of a jam there. Lot’s noise but little damage. So far so good.

Mid 3. Yanks 5, Twins 0

Fairly simple inning. The question remains, "Can Pavano keep it going?"

End 3. Yanks 5, Twins 0

We’re moving along now. Nice pace, fast and quick. I’d love to see this keep up.

Mid 4. Yanks 5, Bad Guys, 0
Yankees went pretty easy this inning too. I must confess I’m reading a book while I do this so my posts are slowing down. My wife and I are reading Sacred Marriage. It’s one of the thins I love about baseball! Reading and watching a game.

End 4 Yanks 5, Bad Guys, 0

Pavano looked good that inning. Maybe He’ll work out If he did…man! Could you imagine that rotation? Now we need a few more hits

8:16 Personal note: A-rod looks good with the socks up. I’d like to see that look make a comeback in the MLB.

8:18 Ok, ESPN is on their "bash the Yankees because they’re a big market team" bandwagon. Give it a rest guys! There’s only about three teams that legitimately have no chance at the Series this year. Shout out to the Twins, here. I respect what they do. They use the revenue sharing money to get guys and develop players.

Mid 5. Yanks 5, Bad Guys 1

Mientkiewicz chased a bad one there but we want him for the defense. Hits are a plus.

8:24. One pitch, one out! Erin Andrews fumbling through another overview.  They’re talking about Petitte’s impact on Pavano. Could he be to Pavano what the Rocket was to him? I hope so. I know I’m just glad to see him back in Pinstripes.

8:28 Good play by Hunter. I think Posada could have made a better throw but still probably wouldn’t have gotten him.

End 5 Yanks 5, Twins 0

Pavano did good after giving up that run. He just went back to pitching. Now, let’s get some runs.

8:33. Ponson has settled down nicely. As I write that, he lets Damon walk

8:37. Nice play by the Twins to get Johnny. He’s such a nice guy. I love how he’s always smiling.

8:38. Great Hustle by Jeter. This is where Ponson has fallen apart in the past. Now, A-Rod just needs to be patient!

8:40. What a shot by A-Rod. The right fielder never moved. He just stood there. Commercial Break. I’m off to get a drink and check the Royals game. It seems the ump’s might have screwed them a little. Ha. Imagine that.

Mid 6 Yanks 8, Twins 1

Good inning. We’ll take it. I’d love to see Pavano go for another two strong innings.

8:47 I had not realized how much Louis Castillo had slowed down. He’s still fast but he doesn’t seem near where he was.

End 6 Yanks 8, Twins 1

Pavano gets another 1, 2, 3 inning.  I think his second. He looks like he’s just cruising. The Twins have a great Santana commercial.

Mid 7 Yanks 8, Twins 1 (I think)

I have no idea what happened this inning. My oldest needed some attention

9:02. I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here but I’m really impressed with Pavano tonight. He’s just pitching. He’s letting his defense get outs for him.

9:03. Cabrera almost made a nice play on Hunters hit. Of course, almost making a play isn’t making a play. 🙂

End 7. Yankees 8, Twins 2

Pavano did a really good job even after giving up a run there by just going back to pitching. I wonder if he’ll come back out for the 8th. I honestly have no idea what his pitch count is.

9:08 Cabrera needs to be more patient hitting. He just chased a terrible pitch.

Mid 8 Yankees 8, Twins 2

Brian Bruney into the game. I know absolutely nothing about this guy. He’s a big boy. Wearing the Boomer’s jersey.

9:18 Pavano’s final #’s

7 IP; 6H; 2R; 2ER; 2K’s. Most importantly no big innings.

Top 9 Yankees 8, Twins 2

Bruney looked good. The Yanks look like a baseball team tonight. So much better than they did yesterday.

Bottom 9 Yankees 8, Twins 2

Ok, time to just finish this out and go home

9:35. Here’s Farnsworth. I really think this guy will settle down this year. For some guys that first year in NY can be brutal. Not a very auspicious start there, walking the first guy.

9:38 There’s one out. My soul, Farnsworth throws hard.

9:41. Ball Game! Yankees 8, Twins 2.

I really like the look of this team. It reminds me of their late 90’s team. The pitching isn’t where those team’s pitching was but I think it could be very very good before the season’s over. We’ll see.