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I Love Andy Pettitte





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One of my favorite Yankee Stadium memories is from when I
was in college. We drove to the Stadium at the last minute.  I snuck down from the nose bleed sections to
the right field wall. Shawn Green still played for the Blue Jays. He missed a
ball that should have been an easy out (after striking out on three pitches in
the top half of the inning) and we rode him really hard. He actually pointed to
us, uttered a few words about wanting to have “special relationships” with us.  That clip of him pointing at us actually made
it on ESPN, the world wide misleader, that night. Clemens was pitching for the
Jays. There was this little girl that came to the game with her dad. She wore a
pink dress, patent leather shoes, and had a poster hidden against her body.  During one portion of the game where there was
really not all that much going on, the fans started booing and chanting. I
turned around and sure enough her poster said, “I love Roger.” I have no idea
what her dad was doing bringing her to that portion of the stadium. That is a
fond memory.

Another fond memory was this large guy making fun of Bernie
Williams. Now, I love Bernie. There was no need for him to be making fun of
Bernie at this time (I think it was ’97) so I turned around to see who was
heckling Bernie. The guy looked like Newman.


So I turned around and went after
the poor fellow. I asked him if they charged him for two seats and told him to
let Bernie alone. The entire area of the stadium cheered me for that. (I know
it was mean and I can only claim the lack of judgment that comes from youth).  

None of that was my favorite memory from that game. My
favorite memory from that game is the fact that Andy Pettitte pitched. Even as
I sit and type this post I can still remember his pitching. It was magical. He
was so fluid. Each body-motion was loaded with power, yet the overall motion
was like a dancer performing a fine classical tune. Andy Pettitte is my
favorite Yankee of my life time, maybe of all time…but

…it’s time for him to accept the fact that he isn’t worth 16
million dollars in this market. Is there another team out there that is going
to give it to him? Maybe, maybe not, no one knows for sure. At what point
though, does that become a moot point. Andy has said before that it’s not just
about the money for him. I believed him. Now, I’m starting to wonder.  He has a chance to be part of one of the
potentially greatest rotations in a long time to wear the Yankee pinstripes. When
he left last time, I was crushed. It physically hurt and I imagine that this
time will hurt some as well but he needs to be realistic.

I suppose with the Red Sox signing of Brad Penny may give
Andy some more room to negotiate with the Yanks but not much. I really hope he
comes back. I think his leadership and personality will be good for the
Yankees. He’s one of the best post season pitchers of all time.  The Yankees could use him, but they don’t
need him.

What I Like About The Fight: As a Fan

    Last year, I often thought the Yankees would have benefited more if Torre had a little more fire in him defending his guys. I’ve never understood how the Red Sox seem to get a pass for all the batters they hit and all the fights they get in but when the Yankees do, Chicken Little and all of his cousins come running out of the woodwork to cast the spell of death upon them. Self proclaimed princes shriek about bully’s and Girardi’s “questionable” past.  Heck, even I gave Girardi some grief over what I thought was his over-reaction. Last year the Yankees had 2 people in the top ten beaned batters. 3 in the top 15. That is too many.
    As a fan of the Yankees I have often thought they needed a little more “fight” in them. I thought quite a few times last year that Torre needed to get out there and argue a little with the umpires. I think that this was a bit of an over-reaction but I like that Girardi is going to get a little lippy–have a little edge to him . I like that they’re willing to get their jerseys a little bloodied. I know all the prognosticators are saying how weak the Yankees are and how they don’t have a chance to win the division this year or even make the play-offs. I hear and read how the Blue Jays, Red Sox and maybe even the Orioles are better and I do not care. Here’s the thing, this team is just a little of good chemistry away from maybe being able to put together a heck of a season.
    As a Yankee fan I’ve been hearing all the experts talk about how this will be the year the Yankees finally don’t make the playoffs. I guess sooner or later someone has to be right, I mean now one makes the playoffs every year, right? But even if they don’t make the playoffs, I don’t think being willing to mix it up on the field is such a big deal.

It’s Time for Girardi and The Umps to Take Responsibility For “Spring Gate”

    I’m not even going to touch the disparity of the suspensions. It’s time we take a much closer look at the umpires who were working the game between the Yankees and Rays that lead to “Spring Gate.”  The pitch that “hit” Evan Longoria barely touched him. If the kid had moved at all, it would have missed him completely. Let’s be honest, the Yankees pitcher wasn’t exactly a picture of control up to that point but supposedly he magically had pinpoint accuracy? Come on. That’s just silly.
    Now, let’s talk about Duncan’s slide. Yes, his leg is up. But he didn’t even touch the guy. His leg is up and not extended. HE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE CONTACT WITH HIS FOOT.   For someone to say that he was trying to send a message with that slide must mean that they saw a different game than I did or that they think Duncan has the physical co-ordination of a second grader. Maybe they just don’t like the Yankees.
    This whole thing is greatly overblown because of Girardi’s dumb comments. If he doesn’t act like the silly spoiled rich kid who’s upset his AA player got hurt and keeps his diarrhetic mouth shut Duncan makes his slide and nothing happens. A few jaws might would have been exercised.
    This ‘story” best illustrates the responsibility of leadership. For this game, both Girardi and the umpires blew it.

What To Think of Hank?

ESPN always cracks me up. If you go to page two you’ll find a host of articles disparaging Hank. However if you read the Mag (BTW, I’m quoted in the latest edition, the March 10th edition. See page 18) there’s a rather interesting article that seems to cast him a good light. I have to be honest I don’t know what I think of him. On the one hand his statements crack me up but on the other I just want him to shut up. Let the game be played on the field. I hope he’s not his father reincarnated from yesteryear. I hope he allows Cashman to run the team. I’m not a blind Cashman apologist but I do think he deserves the chance to run this youth movement out. The truth is I just don’t know what I think of Hank.

Hey Hank, SHUT UP!!

Honestly, as a Yankees fan I’m convinced theSteinbrenner’s have been put on this earth to give me indigestion. It’s
like they stay up at night and try to figure out ways on how to lose
games. With the Tigers getting Willis and Cabrera, if the Red Sox get
Santana, the Yankees will be the 4th or 5th best team in League. The
Tigers and the Red Sox would seem to be the big two.
Hank’s out running his chops like someone gave him a laxative for his
vocal cords. Meanwhile, Theo is being a professional and being quiet!
Says Theo,

"a lot of the rumors out there are just that." (online source)

really thought this team was going to turn around after Cash got more
control. Make smarter moves to build (which he’s done); be quiet when
making big moves (which Hank can’t seem to do).
If we don’t get
Santana I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Certainly, there have
been teams with really good pitching who have not won it all and teams
with "no names" who had great chemistry but it’s more the way all of
this has unfolded.
Hank, just seems like an idiot to me.

Wilson Beti….whatever!

Really? How does this help the Yankees? Their pitching *****. I mean it is down right awful, and they’re trading away pitches for a "maybe" hitter? That is utterly ridiculous. The Gagne move will greatly help the Red Sox until the playoffs when Eric will choke on his fries. (Hank Blaylock anyone?)