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Randy Winn, Really? Cash, this Move is Gonna Hurt

The Yankees have signed Randy Winn? Really? How does this help them? I know Cashman is probably as tired as I am of people griping about the fact that the Yankees are a successful business that can afford to spend money but this is ridiculous.

Randy Winn is not an improvement. At best, he is a lateral acquisition. Maybe Brett Gardner will have a break out season. But be honest, watching Brett’s futile base running in the post season was akin to watching one of those horrible TV shows where they show horrible things that have actually happened to people-you want to look away but you just can’t.

Winn’s number’s are adequate but he’s 35! He’s coming from the NL to the AL which is an almost guaranteed drop of 15% in the numbers department.

Does anyone really believe it was a fluke that Matt Holiday went from the NL to the AL and looked like a T-ball player at a College game then went back to the NL and regained his “dominance”? 

John Smoltz looked like a batting practice pitcher in a Red Sox uni (I enjoyed every minute of that) and went back to the NL and looked like Cy Young again?

Oh Cash, this move is gonna hurt.

The Yankees Are Getting Better and Younger

Yanks have had quite the off-season.  There’s a lot of “experts” out
there talking about how it’s the same old same old from the Bronx
Bombers, but is it? Yes, they’ve been spending money on some stars. I’d
argue that they’re not only getting talent, they’re getting talent that
is in or near it’s prime. Last year, the Yankees relied too much on
“could be’s”,  “never were’s” and “used to be’s” with a few proven
players scattered in there. This year, they’ll be younger, and more
proven. Taking a quick look at each position and you  can see they’ll
be better talent wise at almost every position.

Tex over Giambi is a huge upgrade. Did the Yankees overpay for Tex?
Maybe. But they certainly upgraded. Tex is one of the top three
offensive first basemen in the league. He has no equal on defense. This
has been a thorn in the Yankees side as long as Giambi has been there.

This is a “We don’t know” position. Will Cano return to form or will he
struggle again? I don’t know and frankly neither does anyone else. The
Yankees seem to believe in him so that might count for something.

A-Rod, love him or hate him this is an odd year, which has typically
been a good year for him. (Of course I’m a little superstitious! I am a
baseball fan). Even a down year for this guy is something to look
forward to from an offensive POV. Of course, the question will be can
he hit when it matters?

SS: A healthy Jeter is always welcome in my opinion.

This is still a bit of a cluttered mess. Who will play where? Is
Gardner really that big of an improvement over Melky? Personally, I
think Melky is a good to average centerfielder. If that is the case,
Damon could play left and Swisher could DH/play left or right. Nady
will be a good platoon guy and I think he could play LF everyday.  He
is the type of guy the Yankees had in spades during the last dynasty
run in the late 90’s.  A hard working platoon guy that can play hard
nosed defense and get some timely hits when needed.

is the most interesting position to me. I think Matsui needs to go.
I’ve not been sold on him for a few years. I imagine that might hurt
the team from a business stand point as I am sure he brings in a lot of
revenue from the Japanese markets but his skills are just fading. If
they kept him, I think that he would be adequate. The depth here at OF
allows them some wiggle room in the trade department.

I think they should move Matsui for a MR guy and go after Manny to be a full time DH.

If Jorge is healthy, he will really lengthen their lineup this coming
year. We’ll see what happens there. I love Jorge but he is older.
Molina isn’t a bad back up because of his defensive skills but his
offense leaves much to be desired.  If Jorge is healthy this should be
a huge upgrade over last year.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the pitching and management.

I Love Andy Pettitte





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One of my favorite Yankee Stadium memories is from when I
was in college. We drove to the Stadium at the last minute.  I snuck down from the nose bleed sections to
the right field wall. Shawn Green still played for the Blue Jays. He missed a
ball that should have been an easy out (after striking out on three pitches in
the top half of the inning) and we rode him really hard. He actually pointed to
us, uttered a few words about wanting to have “special relationships” with us.  That clip of him pointing at us actually made
it on ESPN, the world wide misleader, that night. Clemens was pitching for the
Jays. There was this little girl that came to the game with her dad. She wore a
pink dress, patent leather shoes, and had a poster hidden against her body.  During one portion of the game where there was
really not all that much going on, the fans started booing and chanting. I
turned around and sure enough her poster said, “I love Roger.” I have no idea
what her dad was doing bringing her to that portion of the stadium. That is a
fond memory.

Another fond memory was this large guy making fun of Bernie
Williams. Now, I love Bernie. There was no need for him to be making fun of
Bernie at this time (I think it was ’97) so I turned around to see who was
heckling Bernie. The guy looked like Newman.


So I turned around and went after
the poor fellow. I asked him if they charged him for two seats and told him to
let Bernie alone. The entire area of the stadium cheered me for that. (I know
it was mean and I can only claim the lack of judgment that comes from youth).  

None of that was my favorite memory from that game. My
favorite memory from that game is the fact that Andy Pettitte pitched. Even as
I sit and type this post I can still remember his pitching. It was magical. He
was so fluid. Each body-motion was loaded with power, yet the overall motion
was like a dancer performing a fine classical tune. Andy Pettitte is my
favorite Yankee of my life time, maybe of all time…but

…it’s time for him to accept the fact that he isn’t worth 16
million dollars in this market. Is there another team out there that is going
to give it to him? Maybe, maybe not, no one knows for sure. At what point
though, does that become a moot point. Andy has said before that it’s not just
about the money for him. I believed him. Now, I’m starting to wonder.  He has a chance to be part of one of the
potentially greatest rotations in a long time to wear the Yankee pinstripes. When
he left last time, I was crushed. It physically hurt and I imagine that this
time will hurt some as well but he needs to be realistic.

I suppose with the Red Sox signing of Brad Penny may give
Andy some more room to negotiate with the Yanks but not much. I really hope he
comes back. I think his leadership and personality will be good for the
Yankees. He’s one of the best post season pitchers of all time.  The Yankees could use him, but they don’t
need him.

Public Enemy #1

By now, you’ve probably seen this video but if not, take a look at one nasty curve ball. In a few days let’s talk about whether or not Joe Torre actually makes the Dodgers significantly better. What’s his greatest weakness?

Some Questions I Have About Clemens Alleged Use

If he used (and for the record I don’t think he did) then why:

  1. Does he have all his hair?
  2. Isn’t his body some freakish workout thing?
  3. Did he continue to dominate long after he supposedly stopped using?
  4. Did he not have a extended injury with his joints breaking down?

Seriously, many of the  known steroid users had freakish bodies, even the marginal players (remember Ron Gant?) His body has been consistent. They all had their joints break down. He hasn’t. They all miraculously shaved their heads. Their heads grew to resemble watermelons. Where is all of this with Roger?

Ken Rosenthal Seems to Be a Hypocrite: My Mitchell Report Rant: Part 2

MitchellsQuick, prove that Elves don’t exist. Better yet, prove that you’ve never hit a child in anger. Go ahead and deny it. I’ll just say your not telling the truth. If my name is Ken Rosenthal, I’ll say that unless you take theKenr
kid leveling the accusation to court, I cannot believe you. I’ll shroud myse
lf if in a cocoon of mock self-righteousness like a caterpillar. Then when you do file that lawsuit, I’ll blather on and on about how your defense sounds just like all the others that have been caught. In other words, once some kid levels an accusation against you that you did something inappropriate you are darned if you do and darned if you don’t.
Welcome to the world of Roger Clemens who has embarked upon the one of the hardest tasks known to man; proving a negative. I’ve already talked about the hypocrisy that is too many sports reporters. FoxSports writers (I refuse to give some of these men the respect of naming them as reporters) seem to be the most egregious in their inconsistent response.
Ken Rosenthal, who seems to suffer from an early on-set of memory loss, said this last week:

If Roger Clemens believes his former trainer, Brian McNamee, lied to former Sen. George Mitchell, then let’s see action, not words. …If Clemens truly wants to prove that he never used performance-enhancing drugs, then let’s see him file a lawsuit in an effort to clear his name. (See this article)

So now, that Roger has done exactly what Mr. Rosenthal said he had to do in order to get some credibility, Ken has this to say:

His strategy — deny, deny, deny — previously was employed by Marion Jones, Barry Bonds and other athletes accused of using PEDs. In Clemens’ case, the strategy actually could work, provided that no one corroborates McNamee’s charges and fans eventually lose interest. (See this article)

He goes on to talk about how Roger cannot be given the benefit of the doubt because of all the other athletes who have gone before him and lied. Wait, one week ago you wanted action, Mr Rosenthal, now you’ve got it and your still sputtering your scurrilous stammering.  It sounds to me Mr. Rosenthal, as though you have an agenda. You actually sound like you have an axe to grind. Now, you and your ilk are hypothesizing about why would the accuser lie? 
    Let’s look at the facts as we know them:

  1. There is a spurious accusation leveled against Mr. Clemens in the L.A. Times.
  2. That accusation is denied.
  3. The Mitchell report comes out, where Roger Clemens is the prominent name mentioned again and again.
  4. The only “evidence” in that “report” is one man who is attempting to avoid spending time in jail. No cancelled checks that cannot be explained, no one else to corroborate the accusation.
  5. This accusation is also denied.
  6. The report that the L.A. Times accusation was supposedly founded upon, and no confirmation of the report.
  7. L.A Times (with a little egg on their collective face) issues a retraction.
  8. Roger hires a lawyer and begins to attempt to clear his name.

Now, I want to ask, where is the corroboration? Surely, if this guy was taking Geogemitchell
Steroids, somebody else saw him. Surely, two years and all that money has produced something better than one guy who is trying to avoid jail time. When all the verbal excrement from a male cow is boiled down that’s all there is; one accusation from a guy trying to avoid jail time. We’ll leave the phone call and the changing story for another day.
    The most repugnant in all of this is the sports reporters, of whom Mr. Rosenthal is the worst, for their vilification of a man based on nothing. Mr. Rosenthal, who’s  sanctimonious writing  would make any fundamentalist preacher proud changes faster than the wind. He reminds me of the kid who stood on the playground-chanting put up or shut up and when the target he was taunting “put up” he cried foul.  The problem for Mr. Rosenthal is that his keyboard wrote a check that evidently his ego will not let him cash; he dared Roger Clemens to do something to earn credibility and then when Roger did the very thing demanded of him, Rosenthal writes a piece that essentially says, “I don’t care, he’s guilty.”
Mr. Rosenthal, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you look silly right now. You said, you’d give him the benefit of the doubt if he did these things. Now, he’s done those things and you appear to be too stubborn or prideful to admit that you’re just pretending that you are anything more than back in Salem looking for somebody to put down. Evidence, it seems is irrelevant to you. You just want a story that will lead. And they say, Bloggers have no accountability. It’s time for you to put up or shut up, Ken.Otherwise you just sound like a hypocrite.Salemwitch