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This Just In: Todd Jones Needs a Hankey!

Todd Jones is whining about the Yankees making moves that are perfectly legal and within the rules of the game. Poor Todd never mentions that they Yankees payroll actually went down this year. Poor Todd never mentions that these rules actually make sense for the Yankees. Boo Hoo, this is what Todd has to say…

I wonder if Yankees fans ever blush. What’s so special about pulling
for the bully at the end of the street who beats up on the smallest kid
in town? What’s cool is when you’re rooting for a team that comes from
nowhere. Most of us like the underdogs, and they still have their day
in baseball, as we saw with the Rays this past season.

I’ll answer for you Todd. I do blush occasionally, but never about the Yankees. If I were a Pirates fan, I’d blush about my ownership. If I were a Marlins fan, I’d blush about my ownership. As a Yankees fan, I blush when I have to read drivel like yours.

HT: Yankees Chick