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It’s Time for Girardi and The Umps to Take Responsibility For “Spring Gate”

    I’m not even going to touch the disparity of the suspensions. It’s time we take a much closer look at the umpires who were working the game between the Yankees and Rays that lead to “Spring Gate.”  The pitch that “hit” Evan Longoria barely touched him. If the kid had moved at all, it would have missed him completely. Let’s be honest, the Yankees pitcher wasn’t exactly a picture of control up to that point but supposedly he magically had pinpoint accuracy? Come on. That’s just silly.
    Now, let’s talk about Duncan’s slide. Yes, his leg is up. But he didn’t even touch the guy. His leg is up and not extended. HE DIDN’T EVEN MAKE CONTACT WITH HIS FOOT.   For someone to say that he was trying to send a message with that slide must mean that they saw a different game than I did or that they think Duncan has the physical co-ordination of a second grader. Maybe they just don’t like the Yankees.
    This whole thing is greatly overblown because of Girardi’s dumb comments. If he doesn’t act like the silly spoiled rich kid who’s upset his AA player got hurt and keeps his diarrhetic mouth shut Duncan makes his slide and nothing happens. A few jaws might would have been exercised.
    This ‘story” best illustrates the responsibility of leadership. For this game, both Girardi and the umpires blew it.

Ahh, College Athletics

Well, if you haven’t seen this video, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Two things crack me up about this video.

  1. What is his coach arguing? I mean, I’ve been on both sides of that argument, having been both a coach and an ump. I’m just not sure what he hopes to say here. I guess he could be defending his guy saying that the previous pitch hit him but…well watch the video.
  2. I love the back up catcher at the end of the vid. He’s just getting ready. I can hear his thoughts going off in his head, "OK, here’s my chance. I’m ready for this. Maybe he’ll get suspended for the rest of the year and I’ll get discovered…"

Rick Reed Stinks…Random Thoughts on The Mets/Nats Game

Because I’m in


getting ready for tomorrow’s home opener I was not able to watch the MLB ticket at home. I was however able to watch the Met/Nats game. Here are my random thoughts.

  1. Rick Reed is an awful umpire. If you watched this series you know how badly the umps messed up time and time again. Some of those you can defend, but tonight Reed went over the top, way over! He actually tried to bump Frank Robinson. I mean he leaned in and tried to create contact. If and player or manager tries to create contact with an umpire he’d be fined and tossed. I hope the same is done to Reed. It would be better if he had to serve some sort of suspension.  I’m an umpire and I’ve had a few coaches yell at me from time to time but I’ve never done anything that boneheaded.

  2. Can someone tell me, how the Mets can hit six Nats batters, one after a supposed warning was issued and no one gets tossed? The Nats hit one guy and get tossed?

  3. It was impressive to watch Pedro use every ounce of guile he has to win tonight. He obviously didn’t have his best stuff. The D.C honor Guard has more movement than his fastball did after the first inning but he still found a way to get it done.

  4. Or did he? Perhaps, the real story tonight is the Nats lack of consistent pitching. You score five runs you should win.

  5. Nick Johnson’s three run shot was absolutely beautiful.  Sweet swing, little controversy directly preceding said shot. You couldn’t ask for more.

  6. Did I mention the deplorable umpire’s?

  7. Carlos Delgado’s home run was devastating to the Nats will.