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It Would Appear That Players Are Not The Only One’s Doing Drugs

Come on! Is this guy nuts? Sponsors? [make Mora Face] SPONSORS!!! $20!!! Get to 10 posts.
Here’s his exact pitch:

Information comes at the expense of time. And time, these days,requires money. For Dan Weisman to continue bringing the best of
baseball to your eyes (ears, throat, etc.) sponsorships are key. Future
plans call for special sponsorship perks TBA as well as tax deductible
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What is it with Red Sox Fans and Players

Seriously, they can say whatever they want, but if anyone offers a dissenting view, they get all self righteous. Now that Curt isn’t in front of a committee where his words can get held against him in a court of law he’s got diarrhea of the mouth again. If you say anything that is "some idiotic off the cuff rant slanted one way or another feel free to close the page now,[sic]" it will be deleted.
Come on Mr. Shilling have a little self respect. Just be quiet. I thought you were retiring this year anyhow.

A Little MLBLOG Makeover

Ok, So I changed my template away from God’s and my team the Yanks. I did this for a couple of reasons:

  1. First of all, like any good baseball fan I’m superstitious. The Yankees seem to win when I don’t write here and lose when I do.  I’m looking to see if changing the template to an MLB template will break that trend.
  2. I want this to be a baseball blog not just a Yankees baseball blog.
  3. It was just time for something new
  4. I’m superstitious.
  5. Go Yankees.

More real posts to come soon. (and regularly or I’m outta’ here)