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Does Jim Leyland Have a Monkey On His Back?

I’m not a fan of Tony LaRussa. In fact, I cheer for at least two teams. The YankeesLey_1
and anyone playing against Tony’s team. So last year in the World Series I so badly wanted the Tigers to win. Watching their pitchers give play defense like a Little League team was painful to say the least. It had to be painful for Tiger’s Skipper Jim Leyland.


Let’s be honest, Leyland’s teams are kind of known for springing a few leaks under pressure. I hope when MLB launches their "all MLB all the time" station they don’t show the Braves/Pirates series of yesteryear too often–it’s just painful to watch a team collapse like that.

Then today, I’m listening to the Tigers/White Sox game on my way home from work. Great game. I listen to Tigers work their way out of a jam only giving up one run in the 8th for the game to tie. I hustle in my house, turn on the game to catch the bottom of the 9th. A simple bunt, and the pitcher hustles over, fumbles the ball and throws it to his imaginary friend somewhere behind the first baseman. Game over. E1.

Does Leyland have a monkey on his back? Forget the fact that his teams always seem to fold like a fat guys will power at a buffet, and just focus on the pitchers. The Tigers pitchers cannot field. I don’t know how else to say it, when the game is on the line, they just can’t field. From where I’m sitting the responsibility for that has to sit with Jim Leyland.

I know he has his ring with Marlins, but seriously how many more should he have? I like Jim Leyland. I think he’s old school and when he throws a rant, he doesn’t throw his players under the bus (Ahem, Mr. Pinella) but if you saw today’s game, it was absolutely ridiculous. Much like last year’s World Series.