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Randy Winn, Really? Cash, this Move is Gonna Hurt

The Yankees have signed Randy Winn? Really? How does this help them? I know Cashman is probably as tired as I am of people griping about the fact that the Yankees are a successful business that can afford to spend money but this is ridiculous.

Randy Winn is not an improvement. At best, he is a lateral acquisition. Maybe Brett Gardner will have a break out season. But be honest, watching Brett’s futile base running in the post season was akin to watching one of those horrible TV shows where they show horrible things that have actually happened to people-you want to look away but you just can’t.

Winn’s number’s are adequate but he’s 35! He’s coming from the NL to the AL which is an almost guaranteed drop of 15% in the numbers department.

Does anyone really believe it was a fluke that Matt Holiday went from the NL to the AL and looked like a T-ball player at a College game then went back to the NL and regained his “dominance”? 

John Smoltz looked like a batting practice pitcher in a Red Sox uni (I enjoyed every minute of that) and went back to the NL and looked like Cy Young again?

Oh Cash, this move is gonna hurt.

The Yankees Are Getting Better and Younger

Yanks have had quite the off-season.  There’s a lot of “experts” out
there talking about how it’s the same old same old from the Bronx
Bombers, but is it? Yes, they’ve been spending money on some stars. I’d
argue that they’re not only getting talent, they’re getting talent that
is in or near it’s prime. Last year, the Yankees relied too much on
“could be’s”,  “never were’s” and “used to be’s” with a few proven
players scattered in there. This year, they’ll be younger, and more
proven. Taking a quick look at each position and you  can see they’ll
be better talent wise at almost every position.

Tex over Giambi is a huge upgrade. Did the Yankees overpay for Tex?
Maybe. But they certainly upgraded. Tex is one of the top three
offensive first basemen in the league. He has no equal on defense. This
has been a thorn in the Yankees side as long as Giambi has been there.

This is a “We don’t know” position. Will Cano return to form or will he
struggle again? I don’t know and frankly neither does anyone else. The
Yankees seem to believe in him so that might count for something.

A-Rod, love him or hate him this is an odd year, which has typically
been a good year for him. (Of course I’m a little superstitious! I am a
baseball fan). Even a down year for this guy is something to look
forward to from an offensive POV. Of course, the question will be can
he hit when it matters?

SS: A healthy Jeter is always welcome in my opinion.

This is still a bit of a cluttered mess. Who will play where? Is
Gardner really that big of an improvement over Melky? Personally, I
think Melky is a good to average centerfielder. If that is the case,
Damon could play left and Swisher could DH/play left or right. Nady
will be a good platoon guy and I think he could play LF everyday.  He
is the type of guy the Yankees had in spades during the last dynasty
run in the late 90’s.  A hard working platoon guy that can play hard
nosed defense and get some timely hits when needed.

is the most interesting position to me. I think Matsui needs to go.
I’ve not been sold on him for a few years. I imagine that might hurt
the team from a business stand point as I am sure he brings in a lot of
revenue from the Japanese markets but his skills are just fading. If
they kept him, I think that he would be adequate. The depth here at OF
allows them some wiggle room in the trade department.

I think they should move Matsui for a MR guy and go after Manny to be a full time DH.

If Jorge is healthy, he will really lengthen their lineup this coming
year. We’ll see what happens there. I love Jorge but he is older.
Molina isn’t a bad back up because of his defensive skills but his
offense leaves much to be desired.  If Jorge is healthy this should be
a huge upgrade over last year.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the pitching and management.

This Just In: Todd Jones Needs a Hankey!

Todd Jones is whining about the Yankees making moves that are perfectly legal and within the rules of the game. Poor Todd never mentions that they Yankees payroll actually went down this year. Poor Todd never mentions that these rules actually make sense for the Yankees. Boo Hoo, this is what Todd has to say…

I wonder if Yankees fans ever blush. What’s so special about pulling
for the bully at the end of the street who beats up on the smallest kid
in town? What’s cool is when you’re rooting for a team that comes from
nowhere. Most of us like the underdogs, and they still have their day
in baseball, as we saw with the Rays this past season.

I’ll answer for you Todd. I do blush occasionally, but never about the Yankees. If I were a Pirates fan, I’d blush about my ownership. If I were a Marlins fan, I’d blush about my ownership. As a Yankees fan, I blush when I have to read drivel like yours.

HT: Yankees Chick

Bloomburg on Melvin: “Here’s a baseball man moonlighting as a businessman. And failing miserably.”

Bloomberg.com has an interesting article concerning Doug Melvin. A discussion that I have been having for years regards the fact that many, if not most of the guy’s running the MLB teams have no idea what they are doing. They don’t know how to be competitive and successful. More of that later. Here are two of my favorite quotes from the article, which can be read in its entirety here:

[Melvin]…shows a complete lack of understanding of a
superior athlete’s desire to feel wanted and the business behind
baseball in the Bronx, especially at this moment in franchise


Let’s hope the businessman explains the basics to the
baseball man.

Heading in the Right Direction…





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One of the realities you learn to live with when you cheer
for the Yankees is everyone complaing about the Yankees “buying a championship.”  It  usually
sounds like this:

Me: I like the Yankees

Them: OH they just wah wah wah wah wah, buy, wah wah wah,
cry cry cry, their, wah  wah wah,


I get so tired of hearing it. As if it’s the Yankees fault
that half the world buys their stuff and that they are the most successful
franchise in the history of the world.  

This year is no exception. Of course with the signing of
C.C. and AJ this year is no different. But is it true? Of course, the Yankees
haven’t won a world series in years despite adding to their line-up and their
payroll. This year, things seem a little different though, the Yankees are getting
younger and their going after pitching.

The Yankees farm system is stacked with pitching talent and
they are building the talent on the fielding side.  They currently have in the system Ian
Kennedy, Austin Jackson, and Philip Hughes–all potential big timers

Next years starting rotation looks something like this:

Sabathia, 28 yo

Burnett, 32 yo

Wang, 29 yo

Chamberlain, 23 yo

Pettite, 36 (I am speculating here)

This is where the Yankee haters are most bothersome. If this
rotation were the Mets, or the Red Sux the world wide miss leader would be
heralding it as one of the greatest potential rotations ever.  Yes, the 2009 Yankees have some holes to
fill. Yes, they may not be where they want to be yet, but they are moving in
the right direction and the last few months have proven that.

The Yankees may well be the team to beat in ’09.